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Hip Revision Lawsuit

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Revision Surgery for Hip Replacement
Although the majority of hip replacement patients have a successful operation, this procedure carries a substantial level of risk. One of these risks is the possibility of needing hip revision surgery in the future. A hip revision surgery is typically more complex than the original hip replacement procedure, and patients can experience a longer recovery period or increased risk of further complications.

There are many reasons that a hip revision surgery needs to be completed, and certain hip devices are at a higher risk of requiring revision surgery. Over the years, major manufacturers have developed new hip implants that are intended to increase the durability and functioning of the device. However, some of these devices result in an increase of failure rates and long-term side effects.

Hip Revision Lawyer 

One hip implant system that has made headlines in recent years is the metal on metal hip devices. These artificial joints are created from cobalt and chromium, which can lead to toxic metal poisoning in some patients. As the pieces of the device rub together, small fragments of metal can enter into the blood stream of the patient – resulting in allergic reactions or poisoning that can have a devastating effect on a number of different body systems. In this situation, the patient typically needs to undergo revision surgery to replace the device.  

Hip Revision Lawsuit

Reasons for Hip Revision Surgery
In addition to the issues established with metal on metal hip implants, there are several other reasons that patients may need to undergo hip revision surgery. These reasons include the following:

• Break down of the prosthesis due to age or an active lifestyle
• Bone loss around the joint
• Loosening of the implant
• Dislocation of the artificial joint
• Infection
• Pain and inflammation of the hip

Regardless of the reason for hip revision surgery, patients should discuss all of the pros and cons of the procedure thoroughly with their doctors. Every hip revision is unique, and during the procedure the surgeon may have to use a variety of techniques that include removal of the prosthesis, bone grafting, and implantation of a new artificial joint.
For some individuals, undergoing a hip revision is a voluntary decision that has the potential to greatly improve their quality of life. However, there are risks associated with this complex procedure.

Hip Revision Lawyer

In addition to the standard risk of anesthesia and use of medication, patients may experience infection, nerve injury, hip fracture, or inadequate improvement after the procedure. Those with the best results from a hip revision are the patients that carefully stick to the prescribed rehabilitation plan after discharge from the hospital.             

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