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Hip Replacement Lawsuit New Mexico


Metal on Metal Hip Implant Systems
When the hip joint becomes deteriorated due to injury or disease, such as osteoarthritis, patients may consider a hip replacement surgery. Every year, over 378,000 hip replacement procedures are performed in the United States, and the number continues to grow. There are many different forms of hip implant systems available in the modern medical market, and most of them are made from a combination of ceramic, plastic, or metal parts.

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In an attempt to create a more durable hip replacement device, major manufacturers developed the metal on metal hip implant system.  The components of these hip systems are typically made of cobalt and chromium. The durable nature of this type of material was marketed towards younger hip replacement patients as a way for them to enjoy a more active lifestyle after recovering from their surgery. Major brands that marketed metal on metal hip implant systems include DePuy Orthopedics and Stryker.

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Unfortunately, metal on metal hip implants have faced several recalls after thousands of patients reported adverse effects from the devices. In up to 10% of hip replacement procedures, patients are forced to undergo painful revision surgery to remove the metal on metal device. 

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Risks Associated with Metal on Metal Hip Implant Systems
Every surgery carries risk, and a total hip replacement is a major medical procedure that requires a lengthy recovery time. For patients that received a metal on metal hip implant system, a higher risk of complications may occur.

A few of the complications associated with the metal on metal hip devices include the following: 

• Loosening or dislocation of the hip joint
• Implant failure and breakage
• Infection of the joint
• Osteolysis
• Tissue death
• Bone fracture
• Metal poisoning (Metallosis)

In addition to the above complications, certain sensitive individuals may also have an allergic reaction to the metals used in the hip implant system. This allergic reaction can have devastating effects on the health of the patient, and revision surgery is likely needed to replace the metal hip joint.

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Metallosis continues to be one of the most serious complications associated with metal hip replacement devices. As the cobalt and chromium components move in the hip joint, metal particles can enter the blood stream. This leads to metal poisoning which can affect all major body systems, including the nervous system and skin. While symptoms may develop within months of the hip surgery, it is possible for patients to not show evidence of metallosis until years down the road.

As a result of the thousands of complaints filed by patients in regards to metal on metal hip implant systems, the FDA has released numerous safety warnings concerning their use. Additionally, many of the major manufacturers have recalled these products and are now facing numerous lawsuits from patients who were negatively affected by these devices.     

Hip Replacement Lawyer New Mexico

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Hip Replacement Lawyer New Mexico

Hip Replacement Lawyer New Mexico
Hip Recall Lawyer New Mexico
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