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If you or a loved one had hip replacement surgery and are experiencing certain side effects like metal poisoning or the need for a second revision surgery, you may be entitled to financial compensation from the manufacturer. Call us today to get the facts.  Call Toll Free 1-866-777-2557 or fill out our online contact form below and a New Jersey Hip Replacement Lawyer will get back to you as soon as possible.   This is a free, no obligation consultation. There are no legal fees unless we make a recovery for you.  Time is limited, so please call today.   Hip Replacement Lawyer New Jersey

Hip Replacement Lawsuit New Jersey


Metal on Metal Devices for Hip Replacements
Hip replacements are a necessary procedure for millions of people who suffer from severe pain and deterioration of the hip joint. There are several reasons that patients need to undergo a hip replacement, from osteoarthritis to serious bodily injury. Over the years, technology has increased the safety and effectiveness of hip replacement procedures, and the majority of patients have positive outcomes after the recovery process is complete.  

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There are several types of hip replacement systems that can be used in surgery. The type of device that is used depends on the needs of the patient, and there are benefits and drawbacks to each form of implant. Hip implants are typically made from a combination of plastic, ceramic, and metal components, and some systems can be customized to meet the unique needs of the patient.

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While there are risks with any type of hip replacement surgery, metal-on-metal devices have been found to increase the risk of serious complications. With this type of implant, both the femoral head and socket are replaced with metal components typically constructed of cobalt and chromium.    

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Metal-on-Metal Hip Implant Complications
Metal hip implants were originally marketed towards younger hip replacement patients who needed a durable artificial joint that could withstand a more active lifestyle. Manufacturers claimed that these devices had a longer lifespan than other implants and a lower risk of failure or breakage.

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Unfortunately, post-market data shows that metal implants actually have a greatly increased risk of failure – particularly in younger women. Other complications associated with metal-on-metal implants include:  

• Loosening or dislocation of the hip joint
• Infection of the joint
• Osteolysis
• Tissue death
• Bone fracture
• Severe pain and inflammation of the joint
• Metal poisoning (Metallosis)

Metallosis is a major concern with metal implants, and it remains a leading cause of revision surgery for patients who received the device. Friction within the joint can cause metal ions of cobalt and chromium to be released into the joint space. These ions can then travel into the blood stream, resulting in toxic levels of metal within the patient which can result in severe side effects.

Hip Replacement Lawyer New Jersey

In response to the concerns over the dangers of metal implants, the FDA has released safety warnings regarding the devices. Additionally, several major manufacturers have voluntarily recalled their metal on metal implants form the market. While these recalls protect future hip replacement patients, thousands of people had already received the devices. Patients that were injured by the device have filed numerous lawsuits against the manufacturers, and multiple class action settlements have already been reached.

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