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Hip Replacement Lawsuit Mississippi


Lifetime Monitoring for Hip Replacement Patients?
Hip replacement surgeries are one of the commonly performed orthopedic procedures in the United States. Every year, more than 300,000 patients undergo a hip replacement, and up to 90% experience improvement in their pain and discomfort after recovery.
Osteoarthritis is a leading cause of hip replacements, and injury and other disorders can also make it necessary for patient to undergo this procedure. It is important to understand that hip replacement is a major surgery with a lengthy recovery time, and most patients choose to have it done only when other less-invasive treatments have failed to provide relief from their pain.

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Despite the continued advancements in technology that make hip replacements safer for patients, complications can occur. Often, these complications are due to issues with the hip implant device that is used during the surgery. Hip implants are constructed in a variety of configurations that use metal, ceramic, and plastic components. While each device has its pros and cons, certain hip implant systems are known to increase the risk of joint failure and the need for revision surgery.

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In recent years, metal-on-metal implants have been under scrutiny for their safety and long-term effectiveness in hip replacement patients. Originally marketed towards the younger demographic, metal-on-metal hip systems were designed to have increased durability and a lower risk of failure. Unfortunately, thousands of patients have reported serious side effects and high failure rates with this device – resulting in numerous recalls from major manufacturers.

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Complications that are common to metal-on-metal hip implant systems include the following: 

• Increased pain and limited mobility
• Dislocation or loosening of the joint
• Osteolysis and tissue deterioration
• Nerve damage
• Metallosis
• Infection, inflammation, and swelling
• Catastrophic failure

The FDA has issued numerous safety warnings regarding metal-on-metal devices after reports of side effects increased. In these safety warnings, the FDA recommended that all patients who received the device follow up with their surgeon as soon as any side effects develop. Across the world, numerous agencies and health organizations have reiterated this advice and encouraged patients to have regular orthopedic check-ups to monitor the functioning of their artificial joint.

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While hip implants are designed to have a lifespan of around 20 years, complications can arise years after surgery took place. With a simple x-ray, a physician will be able to assess the positioning and health of the artificial joint – leading to an increased potential to identify problems before they become a serious threat to the health of the patient. With the demographic of hip replacement patients becoming increasingly younger, lifetime monitoring is a helpful tool in preventing dangerous complications that could reduce the lifespan of the hip implant system.

Hip Replacement Lawyer Mississippi

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Hip Replacement Lawyer Mississippi
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