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Hip Replacement Lawyer Massachusetts
Hip Replacement Lawyer Massachusetts

Hip Replacement Lawyer Massachusetts - Hip Replacement Lawsuit Massachusetts

If you or a loved one had hip replacement surgery and are experiencing certain side effects like metal poisoning or the need for a second revision surgery, you may be entitled to financial compensation from the manufacturer. Call us today to get the facts.  Call Toll Free 1-866-777-2557 or fill out our online contact form below and a Massachusetts Hip Replacement Lawyer will get back to you as soon as possible.   This is a free, no obligation consultation. There are no legal fees unless we make a recovery for you.  Time is limited, so please call today.   Hip Replacement Lawyer Massachusetts

Hip Replacement Lawsuit Massachusetts


Hip Replacement Manufacturers Must do Further Studies
Advancements in medical technology have helped to make hip replacement surgeries safer for patients and increase the success of these procedures. Every year, over 300,000 Americans have a hip replacement in an effort to improve their quality of life. Serious medical conditions and injuries to the hip joint can numerous issues, and for thousands of individuals, a hip replacement is the last resort to increase their mobility and reduce chronic joint pain.

Stryker Hip Lawyer Massachusetts

There are three types of hip replacement surgeries possible – a total hip replacement, partial hip replacement, and hip resurfacing. In a total hip replacement, all components of the joint are replaced with artificial implants that have a lifespan of approximately 15 to 20 years. The recovery period for hip replacement surgery can be long and tedious, and most patients do not return to full-functioning until up to six months after the procedure.
Major manufacturers of artificial joints are continually marketing new and improved hip replacement systems in an effort to improve the outcomes for hip replacement patients. Some of these systems, such as metal-on-metal hip implants, have resulted in numerous adverse effects in patients and been recalled from the market.

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Issues with the Safety of Hip Implant Systems
All hip replacement devices must be approved by the FDA in order to be used for the general public. In general, this approval process requires that companies conduct and submit numerous clinical studies to demonstrate the safety of the device. However, some products are able to be fast-tracked into the market under the 510(k) exemption if the design of the device is inherently similar to another, already approved, implant.

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While this exemption process is intended to minimize the delay of getting useful products out on the market, it can cause numerous issues for consumers. The devices that are fast-tracked through this approval process are not subjected to the same level of scrutiny in regards to their safety as other hip implants. In many cases, these new hip devices have resulted in serious injury and harm to patients due to unforeseen defects and issues with the device.

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There have been several recalls across the major manufacturers of hip implant systems due to a growing number of reported adverse effects in patients. In response to this increasing concern for the safety of these devices, the FDA ordered 21 manufacturers to conduct post-market studies on the safety of their hip implants in 2011. Additionally, the FDA concluded in 2012 that there was no reason for the continued, regular use of metal-on-metal implant systems.

Despite the need for more safety studies and a reduction of metal-on-metal hip implant usage, the FDA has yet to act on these recommendations. Across the country, thousands of metal-on-metal hip replacement surgeries are still being performed – resulting in a steadily increasing number of serious complications.    

Hip Replacement Lawyer Massachusetts

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Hip Replacement Lawyer Massachusetts

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