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Hip Replacement Lawyer Maryland

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Hip Replacement Lawyer Maryland - Hip Replacement Lawsuit Maryland

If you or a loved one had hip replacement surgery and are experiencing certain side effects like metal poisoning or the need for a second revision surgery, you may be entitled to financial compensation from the manufacturer. Call us today to get the facts.  Call Toll Free 1-866-777-2557 or fill out our online contact form below and an Maryland Hip Replacement Lawyer will get back to you as soon as possible.   This is a free, no obligation consultation. There are no legal fees unless we make a recovery for you.  Time is limited, so please call today.   Hip Replacement Lawyer Maryland

Hip Replacement Lawsuit Maryland


Hip Injuries and Disorders
As the largest joint within the body, the hip plays a vital role in allowing individuals to enjoy an active, pain-free lifestyle. The hip joint is considered a ball and socket joint – referring to the head of the femur that fits into the socket of the pelvic girdle. Within the joint, cartilage lines the bone and lubricating fluid fills the socket, creating a natural cushion and smooth, unencumbered motion. This functional formation allows the hip to have the range of motion and durability that is required for people to go about their daily lives and participate in active forms of recreation.

Stryker Hip Lawyer Maryland

While the hip may be one of the strongest joints in the body, injuries to this joint are a fairly common occurrence. The joint is under immense stress with physical activity, and injuries often occur during recreational sports or activities. Symptoms of an issue with the hip joint include the following:

• Muscle stiffness and soreness
• Pain in the groin area, thigh, or knee
• Decreased range of motion
• Inability to put weight on a leg
• Limping

In addition to the injuries caused by physical activity, the hip joint can also be affected by a variety of medical disorders. These disorders can range in severity, and patients may need to undergo a number of different treatments to find relief for their pain.

Depuy Hip Lawyer Maryland

Types of Hip Disorders and Injuries
From sports injuries to developmental disorders, there are a number of ways the hip joint can be affected. In most cases, treatment is available to help patients recover their previous range of motion and pain-free lifestyle. Other cases may require more in-depth procedures that could include a hip replacement surgery.

Smith and Nephew Hip Lawyer Maryland

Examples of common hip disorders include the following: 
• Osteoarthritis – This disorder is the leading cause of hip replacement surgery in the United States. In those with this condition, the cartilage of the hip joint degenerates, becomes brittle, and breaks. This leads to inflammation and an eventual breakdown of the joint.
• Rheumatoid Arthritis – This form of arthritis is mediated by the immune system and affects all synovial joints – including the hip. The cause of this disorder is unknown, but swelling of the joint due to increased synovial fluid can cause substantial pain and discomfort.
• Irritable Hip Syndrome – Also referred to as toxic synovitis, this is a temporary form of arthritis that most commonly affects prepubescent boys. While pain, limping, and fever are common with this disorder, symptoms typically resolve within weeks.
• Bone Fracture – Bone fractures within the hip can be very serious, and they most commonly occur in older adults. Frequently, osteoporosis contributes to the cause of the bone fracture – particularly in women.

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While hip injuries and disorders can greatly affect an individual’s quality of life, modern medicine has several effective treatments for common ailments. With innovative technology and a variety of treatment options available, those with a hip injury or disorder have the potential to regain a better quality of life.

Hip Replacement Lawyer Maryland

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